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The goal of this site is simply to develop an identification resource for duck decoys, fishing lures and related items with a connection to sporting activities that have a history in Wisconsin. This site has been upgraded from the first one released in May 2015. New features include searching by Maker(there is a drop down list of all makers on the site) for both decoys and lures. For decoys only, you will be able to search by Maker, Duck Species or Location(including by region or city). For example, try searching by Maker and you will get all of the decoys or lures on the site related to that Maker. Search by Species, Mallard for example, and you will get an entire list of photos of Mallards listed alphabetically by Maker. Search by Location and you get a listing of every decoy in our database from that location. This will make it easier to find a match/identity for a decoy you might have in your collection. For fishing lures, the search is by maker only since there are fewer makers than in the decoy section.  In addition, for those makers in both decoys and lures that we have historical information on, you can click the maker name and be taken to that Makers page for photos, biographical and historical tidbits. But, I personally do not have every bit of information on many of these Makers, so your input is important, and its’ success depends on your input. You can send photos by easily attaching them via the contact page. The site will be updated regularly, so check back often!

 I believe this is a great way to further the hobby and generate interest for years to come. The most intimidating part of collecting is identifying what you are seeing at a show or estate sale. And, by the way, this site will be accessible on your cell phones…….imagine seeing an item at an estate sale and accessing the site for an ID on your phone…..it is easier than you think! Actually, it might be a great option when you are trapped at the ballet with your wife……if you are a risk taker……I hope you enjoy the site and send me some of those photos of your Wisconsin made decoys and fishing lures! 

Gene Davis