Duck Decoys


The UNKNOWN category is very likely the most important section on this site. After all, identifying makers of decoys and the history behind them is what it is all about! In the early years of decoy making it was quite common for every duck hunter to make their own, irrespective of woodworking and painting skills. In many other areas outside of Wisconsin it was common for the man of the house to carve the block, but it was the ladies job to paint it. We have not specifically identified women who painted decoys in this state, but you can bet it happened. In the 3 years we have offered this website, I would estimate that 75%+ of the decoys submitted fall into the unknown category. Some are very crude, others are spectacular in carving and painting. It would be great to be able to put a name with some of these unknowns, but it is more likely that we will never know the maker Send me a message at if you have information on the maker of any of these unknowns........refer to the number below the photo! I will be adding a category in the maker section that will feature decoys that have been identified from the Unknown section.