Duck Decoys

Frank Resop



The decoy shown above, in my opinion, screams "Wisconsin Decoy!" Frank Resop was a Polish born carver who came to this country with his parents as a 3 year old in 1878. His family settled in Berlin, Wisconsin, home to some of the finest duck hunting in the country. Around 1910, Resop started carving duck decoys for his own use. He hunted on Lake Poygan, with his buddies, often from a large houseboat. Resop was a talented carver, making not only decoys, but a large quantity of paddles, hunting boats(called skiffs), marsh skis and a sink boat used for hunting in open water. The amazing thing about these beautiful decoys is that they were hand power tools in those days...a hatchet to cut the shape from a block of cedar and then a rasp was used to shape the body, the head fashioned from a jack-knife. These decoys are rare and are easily identifiable by their unique folky look. Resop carved a wide variety of ducks including canvasback as shown above, coot, geese, mallard, and bluebill.