Duck Decoys

Henry Bandekow



Henry was born in Germany in 1858. He grew up working as a commercial fisherman with his father. Bandekow joined the merchant marine at the age of 14 and sailed the Baltic out of Hamburg. He then joined the military and became a guard at the emperors estate. Henry arrived in the U.S. in 1882, married in 1884, fathered 6 children and became a commercial fisherman and clammer in the town of Cassville. Over the years he found many freshwater pearls worth from $50-$300 and he found one for which he was paid over $500. In the winter of 1942 he caught dozens of catfish in the 20-60 lb. range and two over 60 lbs. In 1944 Henry helped save over 100,000 fish left landlocked by falling river levels. He also was instrumental in helping state of Wisconsin fishing crews to propagate endangered species. He died in Cassville at the age of 94. His burial was presided over by fellow carver Reverend Leander Strodtman.

*(Many thanks to John Fandrey for his research on this biography)