Duck Decoys

Julius Johann Worm



The mystery of Julius Johann Worm has been solved, thanks to his granddaughter and more specifically his great granddaughter. I was contacted in March of 2018 and soon thereafter had details and, more importantly, photos of Julius throughout his life. Julius was born in 1882 and married Amalia "Molly" Klug in 1905. He was a life-long employee of Cutler-Hammer his entire life and hunted Lake Beulah and Wind Lake areas during that time. Eventually, in addition to his job at Cutler-Hammer, he became a builder of many homes, in the Wauwatosa area. He and Molly were known to host lavish dinner parties and "duck for 12 was not unheard of" according to his granddaughter. He also hunted near Fremont at Partridge Lake, often staying at the Grandview Inn, currently called Ted's Grandview. Julius had several dogs over his hunting years, all were named Duke. He was a competitor in retrieving competitions with one or more of the "Dukes". He carved ducks mainly for his own use and some of his decoys had "JJW" stamped on them. He also built 2 boats, one skiff and one larger boat both named "Canvasback", for his use and later in his life carved a more presentation style decoy version that featured a nicely blended paint style that he used as gifts to friends. Julius also built boats for others. Most importantly, he is described as a great family man and friend to all. The pictures tell the story......

Many thanks to his family for sharing the story and photos! 


Julius and Duke


Julius and Molly Worm


Another Duke at Julius' home


Julius built very nice homes in addition to very nice decoys


A great photo of a hunting buddy in front of a boat filled with Worms' decoys.....a skiff he built is on the right, the larger boat is on the left....


Julius and hunting pal in front of the Grandview Inn with the days bounty


The hunting gang at the "shack" they stayed at for one of the hunts


Julius Worm on a successful hunt


A painting by Julius of his grandfathers farm as it was in 1892


Julius in his later years, a successful family man, carver and duck hunter


Julius at his desk at Cutler-Hammer