Duck Decoys

Mercury Marine Shop

Fond du Lac

This so-called and very rare decoy is widely rumored to have been made by an employee of the Mercury Marine Shop in Fond du Lac. The uniqueness of this decoy is the result of the cast metal head. The head is a copy of a Mason Seneca style canvasback. It is a hollow body with a well-concealed seam from that process on the top 1” of the body.The bodies on the 2 examples we have pictured on this page seem to be the same. It would be great if we could get a verifiable name of the carver involved but research to date has turned up nothing. It is certainly possible that the heads were made at the Mercury plant and then used to fashion the decoys that have a very well carved body. So, we can say we have a great looking decoy, but verification is based on hear-say, so far. I hope someone can shed some light on this interesting decoy......