Duck Decoys

Theron Dodd


Prairie du Chien

Theron Dodd was born in 1889 in Halls Branch, WI(Crawford County). He married in 1913 and moved to La Crosse where he worked for Electric Auto Light and La Crosse Rubber. He and his family, including 4 sons, moved to Prairie du Chien in 1922. He lived near the Mississippi River, later losing his home when they made the city boat harbor. He became a painter and decorator. His business card read, "T. Dodd....Prairie du Chien....Ecclesiastical Artist....Reproducer in oils of any of the old masters for church decorating". His large oil paintings hang in churches in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. He also became a woodcarver, carving gunstocks, decoys and ornate boxes. He died in 1990 at the age of 101.