Duck Decoys

Walter Pelzer



I won’t even try to make detailed comments on Walter Pelzer’s life history…..find a copy of the November/December 2001 Decoy Magazine where Tom Bosworth’s excellent article lays homage to Pelzers’ very interesting life. He was born at Fort Atkinson and showed interest in taxidermy through his high school years. He continued his taxidermy business, attended Milwaukee’s Layton School of Art, starved for a few years as is common with artists and eventually landed a job at the Milwaukee Public Museum. There he met Owen Gromme who is credited with building his interest in carving decoys. Eventually, his friendship led to him meeting and marrying Gromme’s second cousin Florence Bush. Walter is credited with producing spectacular full size diorama’s at the museum of a variety of subjects, including a full size one of men on horseback pursuing a buffalo herd on the plains of Wyoming. This is why getting the 2021 Decoy Magazine is important…..plenty of photos and enough information for a full feature movie way better than the Barbie movie……Thanks to Tom Bosworth for putting this article together and for Joe Engers for publishing it….contact Joe and see if he has the 2001 Nov/Dec issue available…..