Duck Decoys

William Stillman



Here is an experience that Dave Spengler shared about acquiring the Bufflehead that is shown here.

Grandfather…..Christopher Stillman, 1816-1871

Father……Henry Stillman, 1848-1895

Christopher’s land grant issued 1853, bordered Partridge Crop Lake near Weyauwega, Wisconsin. Property transferred from Chris to Henry to Bill and eventually to Edgar(son), from whom I got the decoy. Edgar drove me across fields and through woods down to a small boathouse on Partridge Crop Lake. Ed agreed to sell me the “WS” initialized bufflehead but not the 14 Mason Detroit grade Bluewing teal resting alongside. Ed said “I’ll only trade them 1 for 1 for plastic teal decoys”. I told Ed that I would be back the following week. As it just so happened, I had recently been hired as a consultant by General American Transportation Corporation to assist in design of their new line of “plastic duck decoys”. My main company contact was John Chapleau, project VP, and I arranged for 24 BWT plus 12 GWT to be delivered to my home. The next Saturday I returned to Ed with 36 teal and we sealed the deal.         “One of my Better Trades”

*Thanks to Kristin Lehmkuhl for sharing this information!